Pack of 200 Cotton Buds

Pack of 200 Cotton Buds

Perfect replacement for plastic cotton buds. In the UK alone it is estimated that we use 1.8 billion, mostly single-use plastic, cotton buds every year. ... A cotton bud's long thin shape can pierce the internal organs of marine animals that may accidentally ingest them, and plastic stems regularly turn up in the stomachs of seabirds.

  • Pack of 200 bamboo cotton buds in recycled kraft paper - 100% recyclable and biodegradable

Bamboo Launch cotton buds are the perfect FULLY environmentally friendly cotton buds.

Material and Packaging

  • Cotton buds with bamboo sticks
  • Come in 100% recycled unbleached Kraft paper box, printed with Soy Ink, which is 100% recyclable

Product care & end of life

  • You can throw the cotton buds straight on your compost
  • Or if you’re feeling crafty you can remove the cotton and repurpose the small bamboo sticks for art projects, or anything else you could think of!

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