Eco Self-Care Bundle

Eco Self-Care Bundle

Loofah Sponge

An exfoliating loofah sponge for use in the shower or bath. Helping to remove dead skin and cleanse at the same time. Simply rub your soap onto the sponge or squirt liquid soap and rub it all over. Hand strap for better grip.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Ergonomically shaped toothbrush made from bamboo. With Nylon 1010 biodegradable medium stiff bristles. Lasts around 3 months and place into the compost when finished.

Bamboo Cotton Buds

Made with a Bamboo stick and double cotton ends these are full biodegradable.

Used for so many things from ears, make-up to cleaning in those small areas they are perfect for your household with no plastic.

Konjac Sponge

These arrive hard and shriveled but soak in water for the first time and they become super soft. Add your cleanser or soap and gently massage your face to clean. So soft they can be used on babies too. Leave to dry between uses.

Bamboo Hairbrush

An all natural hairbrush made from bamboo. No plastic so is biodegradable when at end of life.

Sisal Soap Pouch

Sisal material is 100% natural, bio-degradable and replenishes quickly. Simple add your bar of soap and wet to create a nice lather and feel the properties of the exfoliating poach. Hang to dry between uses.

Red Rose Soap

Made by our sister company Natural Lather this is an all natural soap made with Geranium - Rose Absolute and Lavender. Made using Oliver oil, Coconut oil, Shea Butter and Castor oil for great cleansing.

  • Geranium - Purifying Soothing Normalising
  • Rose Absolute - Romantic Uplifting Comforting
  • Lavender - Soothing Balancing

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