Kitchen Brushes Bundle

Kitchen Brushes Bundle

Palm Pot Scourer

With a sustainable Beechwood handle and coconut fibre bristles this is brilliant at removing stuck-on grime. Store with the bristles down to allow the wood to dry and prolong life. Biodegradable so bury or add to the compost bin.

Coconut Fibre Scourer

Coconut fibres and a long handle to get into the deep pots & cups. Using sustainable coconut husks along with a Beechwood handle. Store brush down to prolong handle life and bury or compost when done.

Bottle Brush

Helping to reach those small long items such as milk bottles and baby bottles. The handle on this one is Bamboo with the coconut fibres as the bristles. Again store brush down

Vegetable Brush

A great shape to hold onto when cleaning those vegetables, with a soft Bamboo handle and bristles made from Sisal. You can even add a rope to hang the brush to dry, store bristles down and compost when when done.


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